About Agaveli Store

Agaveli is founded by Mr. L. Engalsraja (Organic Farmer, Farm Designer, and Trainer in Organic Farming & Healthy Lifestyle) and co-founded by Mr. L. Ajoyraja (Environmentalist, Consultant in Organic Farming, and Trainer in Healthy Lifestyle). Agaveli, founded 10 years ago, is a team of 10 passionate professionals trying to inspire the world into choosing a healthy and sustainable living. Agaveli markets organic food and non-food products nationally and internationally at affordable prices.

Agaveli owns several organic farms from which we procure our raw food products. We also collect from farms that we supervise and monitor. We have helped several traditional farmers with designing their farm area. Apart from them, we do not procure products from anyone else.

The main problem in today’s market, is the demand for organic, healthy and wholesome food products are being neglected in some way or another. Many products in the market may be called “100% Organic” but may be untrue. When such a term is given to food products, their prices are over the roof. In between, organic farmers suffer to market their products, hence their product value decreases and their total income is much lesser than what you pay for the food they’ve grown. Agaveli is the solution to this problem. Agaveli gives best prices to farmers, always procuring raw food products from them and helping customers get unprocessed, healthy, organic food products at lower, affordable prices.

Agaveli products are home-made, chemical free and 100% organic. All the ingredients for our products are derived from traditional food crops. Non – food products, such as cleaning materials are made eco-friendly without the addition of harmful chemicals.

Agaveli enables an option for our customers to visit our farms and see the food we grow. This is an assurance to customers that we are doing it the right way to deliver you the right organic products. Customers can book an appointment over a phone or email to pay a visit.

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